Today at work, I found myself dealing with a situation that required some action on my part.

Earlier in the week, I had been asked by a different area within my company to provide some support that was really outside of my job description. You see, there are some “political” things going on within the various divisions that is causing this area not to receive the support that they need. I was trying to provide what I really did not have within me at the moment to provide, because it was outside of the scope of my responsibilities.

For a couple of days, I struggled with this and was trying to do something that was taking over my day and keeping me from accomplishing the things that I really needed to accomplish; the actual tasks and assignments that I had been given to make happen. I finally had enough. I sought out the wisdom and advice of my supervisor regarding the situation. Her response to me was, “Don’t you worry about what you’re worrying about. That is my responsibility to deal with any backlash or issues that may arise from you needing to step back from something that you never should have taken on in the first place.” I started to feel some relief. See, I had been internalizing and carrying something that wasn’t even mine to carry. I needed to transfer that responsibility back to the area who is truly responsible for handling those situations so that I could refocus and get back to what I am designed to do, based on the job that I was hired for.

How often do we pick up and take on things that we are not responsible for. Oh, the weight of it all. It becomes too much. There has to be a place of relief and realignment so we can get back to doing what we are purposed to do.

Spiritually speaking, this is what we need to do with the things that we have taken on that we never should have accepted in the first place. We need to transfer those things to God.

1 Peter 5:7 New International Version (NIV) says,
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

In reading this book called “Don’t Give Up” by Kyle Idleman, he gave a great definition of what it means to cast your cares on God. It says this about the word cast,

…it’s translated as “transfer” or, even more literally, “transfer the weight”.

So, we are not just to release our anxieties or cares or concerns, because when you release something, there is a chance of it returning to you. But we are to cast our anxiety or cares on to God; transfer them to Him, never to be retrieved again.

Today, when I transferred what I was carrying back over to the responsible area, I was able to move forward with my day. This is also true when we transfer all that we have been carrying to God. We must transfer the stress over to the one who can handle those burdens so that we are free to move and operate in the purpose that God has for us. God is saying, “Don’t you worry about what you’re worrying about. That is my responsibility to deal with any backlash or issues that may arise from you needing to step back from something that you never should have taken on in the first place.”

Sometimes in getting to that place, we find ourselves on this winding road that seems to keep coming back to the same place. But God can give us deliverance in these areas so that we can once and for all transfer it all to Him.

“God, I can’t do this anymore. I need some relief. I have taken on things that I never should have taken on. I have allowed some challenges to come into my life that were never meant to be mine. God, I desire to transfer these weights, the pressures and cares of this life, back to you, God, and to never pick those things up again. God, I understand that this journey, this walk with you is a process, and on this journey, God, I don’t always get it right. But I know that at any moment I can stop and turn to you and transfer my anxiety and heavy weights to the God who has all of the answers and provides my daily strength. Thank you God for opening up my eyes to what I have been doing. Continue to give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so that I will know what is mine to handle and what I must transfer to you. God, you require my cooperation and my will to align with yours, and in doing so, guide my steps so that any weights that need to be removed from my life may be transferred this very day. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Let us stop just accepting any old thing or situation that is thrown our way. Let’s stop and pray and transfer what needs to be transferred over to God, the one who can provide relief and direction and guidance and give us a way out and a way through. What you and I cannot handle and were never meant to handle, God can!

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“I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever! Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.”
Psalm 89:1 NLT

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