Just when God is in the process of bringing forth a tremendous out pour upon your life, that’s when you must trust Him the most.



Isaiah 41:10 is always one of my go to verses, but today I want to look at it from the Amplified Bible.

Isaiah 41:10 (AMPC) says,
Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice.

Just when God is in the process of bringing forth a tremendous out pour upon your life, that is when Satan will show up right at the finish line. But we must not fear. Why? Because there is nothing to fear. Oh yes! He will attempt to trip us up and make it seem as though what God said is not true and what is happening in our life, which is meant to turn things around and bring great joy, is not real or not really of God. But this is simply a trick of the enemy.

I know it hurts and it feels real and it zaps the life from out of you. You just want to crawl into the bed and say, “Why God? Why?” But we must recognize the hand of Satan and remember that God is with us. We cannot begin to look around in terror and become dismayed. Because, who do we have right by our side? God! Remember? He chose us. He chose YOU! When you have been chosen then you know it’s the real deal. He wasn’t forced to love us. He is love and He chose to demonstrate that love through the greatest sacrifice that there ever was, is, or will be. It was when Jesus gave His life so that we could have life, eternally.

God’s Word says that He will strengthen us and even harden us to difficulties. That for me means that I don’t have to carry this and walk around with these feelings of heaviness. Yes, I must see this process through to the finish line. I cannot shrink back because Satan stopped in the middle of the road and started putting together the pieces of his roadblock. What he is not aware of is that God already entered different GPS coordinates that will lead me right on around what Satan is trying to do. So, he might as well take his little orange cones and put them back in his raggedy truck and move on out the way!

Although, things can become a major challenge right before the victorious blessing is completely revealed, we have to remain focused on God and the fact that He is always here to help us.

God’s promise: to hold us up and retain us with His victorious right hand of rightness and justice. Satan is always out to destroy us and he will use every tactic possible. But God! He will shield us from the very thing that is meant to take us out. He is a just God and He will not allow Satan to thwart His plans for us.

God cannot be stopped!

Setbacks happen. They are not fun, at all. They hurt sometimes, but I choose to believe that no matter the setbacks, God’s still got me in His right hand. That He is lifting me above the circumstances and that He will not allow things to get too far out of control.

Job 10:12 (AMPC) says,
You have granted me life and favor, and Your providence has preserved my spirit.

So much of what happens to us in our lives really is of no fault of our own. That’s where the favor of God steps in and keeps those things that are meant to derail our lives from having full reign. He preserves us even when we must go through a brief tunnel, where we are not even sure what is going to pop up on the other side. I am choosing to trust that God has aligned things in such a way that He knew before the disruption occurred that I would need a quick resolution and a way to make it to the other side. He has a solution in place before the problem even occurs and even in the chaos, God makes a way for us.

Just when Satan tries to extend your ride through the tunnel, trust that the light at the end is God standing with open arms to welcome you to the victorious place that He has prepared for you. Walk in it with your head held high. Even if you receive a few emotional bumps and bruises trying to make it through the darkness, you will still come out as gold.



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