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Look Again!


Look Again!

Audible Book Announcement-You Are More Than Enough

AUDIBLE LINK: “You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process – Please check it out, here

I have been highly anticipating the Audiobook release of my second book, “You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process”.

This step of my journey completes my obedience to the call of God for this particular venture. I have never in my life been this “outgoing – put myself on the line” type of woman. But through my tests and trials, God is developing me into who He wants me to be. I am thankful and I am excited! The opportunity to share a message of hope to the world through my Kindle books, Paperback books, and NOW through voice with an audio version of the book is simply amazing to me! The excitement is just bubbling over!

I have always had somewhat of a fear of public speaking, just being a more shy, quiet, reserved individual. I believed that I wasn’t enough. Who knew that God would allow me to write a book with this title and have an opportunity to share the Good News with the entire world? God is simply amazing!

Through this book, God has shown me how to be bold for Him and how to put that boldness into words and speak so that others may hear and come to know Him. When I checked this morning, the audiobook was still not available. But now, when I LOOK AGAIN, there it is!

That is just how fast God can change the circumstances of our lives. Within a blink of an eye, He can bring into existence what He has for us. Once again, it’s about His timing, because, as I wrote about on yesterday, IF IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE, “at the right time, You the Lord, will make it happen.” GOD’S TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

I pray that you would consider supporting me through the purchase of either of my books in whatever format works best for you.

What God has called us to do, He will not allow us to fail.


“Intentional Prayers – Praying the Scriptures – A Four-Week Prayer Devotional Journal”

This book is a book of prayers from my heart as I was journeying through my wilderness experience. I needed God to hear me and to move in my circumstances. I needed relief, and through it all, I needed to trust Him and never give up.

This book is great in paperback format in order to allow the reader to write their own prayers based on Scripture. Perhaps you know of someone who is looking for a great devotional who might enjoy this experience. Perhaps you are that someone. I pray that you will consider purchasing. You may check out the book description using the link below.

* Available in Kindle Format
* Better in Paperback Format, as it includes a journal as part of the prayer devotional journal experience



“You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process”

This book is a message of hope to encourage the reader to finish the process, even as they journey through their wilderness experience. God has so much in store for us if we would simply stick with Him and let Him do in and through us all that He has planned for our lives. He thinks about us all the time and what He imagines for our lives can be so, if we will not look back but finish the process to our promised land.

* NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIO FORMAT – Use the link below to purchase.


AUDIBLE LINK: “You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process – Please check it out, here

Thank you so much for this interruption in your day. I pray that your day is an amazing one. Don’t forget to LOOK AGAIN!

P.S. Continue to visit http://amazon.com/author/melissahess for upcoming books. Intentional Prayers – Journal Two will be available soon. God is so awesome. Be blessed!

P.S.S. You may occasionally see this post again, as it is my prayer to reach many who need to know that they are more than enough. I pray that you will not be bothered by these posts, as I am simply aiming to be obedient to God and help others who have felt the brokenness that I have endured and who are still in the midst of their wilderness experience. I want others to finish the process as I am diligently pressing forward to do. Be blessed!

Click Here to View Audible Audiobook

“You Are More
Than Enough
Don’t Look Back
Finish the Process”

Romans 10:17 (NLT)
So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.

Audible Audiobook Announcement



Intermittent Audio Prayer Breaks

Available When God Says So. Listen and Pray Along.

Thank You For Reading My Blog!

“I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever! Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.”
Psalm 89:1 NLT

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