If it’s not here yet, YOUR victorious breakthrough is still coming. It’s over, or just about. Let God complete His mission in you!


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Victory is mine. Victory is mine.
Victory today is mine.
I told Satan, to get thee behind,
Victory today is mine.

Claim it! Believe it! Receive it!

Word of Hope for Today:

It’s Over!

So, Good News first! It’s ALREADY over! You may not be able to see it, but victory is already yours. Let God complete His mission in your life, then all things will be made clear.

This is for someone right now, and for others later. I come to encourage you to hold on. You will get there if you stay with the Lord. Please don’t get discouraged because you are not as far along in the process as you’d like to be. God is still working it altogether for good. He is taking every last piece of it, and as the potter, He is molding it all together into a masterpiece fit for display of His glory, specially and uniquely designed by Him. Yep! Your life! Claim it! Believe it! Receive it!

I know that everyone who reads this may not be actively attending church services, so when I mention church, please do not stop reading, as there may be a blessing in this post for you.

It’s was, oh, around 5 years ago. I had a personal relationship with the Lord but my insides were broken. I seemed to be walking around in a fog. I was active in my local church, giving what I knew to give and kind-of just going through the motions. I wasn’t being a hypocrite, but I just, I guess, really did not have joy. I was walking around a discouraged person.

I attended a church service in a different city. It was a fellowship musical type thing. So, you know, at a musical, you simply attend to hear great music that lifts up the name of Jesus. But then something happened. There was a shift.

There was this amazing choir singing a song called, “It’s Over!” I was really enjoying this song. On the outside, I was standing up and clapping my hands. I wanted to believe the words of the song, but something inside of me was out of place, but I wanted “it” to be over, whatever “it” was that was happening to me. The song ended. The spirit was high. One of the elders of the church was lifting us up. Then “suddenly” the course of the service changed. He said, “Someone in here needs deliverance.” When he said the words, something inside of me said, “If you don’t make your move right now, you will never be delivered.” He said it again. “Someone in here needs deliverance. I don’t know who you are, but you need to come.” I immediately left my seat and was heading to the front of the sanctuary. Now, if you know me, you know that I am not the type of person, well back then, to put myself on blast. I didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t really living for the Lord, because I was. But this thing that had me bound had to be destroyed.

Ok, so the church was packed, right. I made it to the front of the building. The spirit of God began to move, bubbling up from the inside. My hands and arms began to move. The man really didn’t know what was coming next. He simply said, “You need to leap for it.” For what? I believe for the joy of the Lord. That’s what I was missing.

I did nothing. The spirit took over. Before he could get the words out of his mouth, I flew across the altar and broke out in dance. But it wasn’t like a regular worship dance. I stayed in the spot, in that rhythm for God knows how long. I was going around in a circle. My eyes were closed and it was just me and the Lord. I don’t know what was going on in the minds of those surrounding me, but I know that I desperately needed my breakthrough and if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, musical and all, I may not have ever been completely released from that state of bondage.

That circle that I seemed to have kept going in, that was me walking around the walls of my personal Jericho. At some point, the chains were released. I stopped and began to leap a leap that I had never leapt before. Breakthrough had happened! The altar was full of people trying to get in on this anointing.

I left there a new person. Bolder. Ready to praise the name of Jesus. I just knew that, that was my point of deliverance.

Looking back from this day to that, I realize now that, that was my point of preparation for the spiritual warfare that I have had to fight this past 5 years. But I’m thankful for it. Without me being obedient to the voice of the Lord and releasing all fear by stepping out in front of a crowd of folk, some I knew, many I didn’t, I would not have had what I needed to endure this process.

When God speaks, we must listen, we must be obedient, no matter how strange it may be or how uncomfortable it is.

I haven’t listened to music in quite some time. I have been listening to sermons in my car on the way to work or using that time to talk to God. Well this morning, when I was reminded of all that I am sharing with you today, I decided to pull up one of my old playlists. There was a selection that a choir was singing that I had downloaded from YouTube. The choir was singing one song, but then they shifted right before I exited my car. What song were they singing, do you ask? “It’s Over!”

Oh, my soul began to rejoice. I am trusting and believing that, that song, coming on at that very moment, is God telling me that this particular spiritual battle that I have been fighting, I mean with everything that I have within me, with strength I never knew I had because it was really the strength of the Lord, IT’S OVER!

I have yet to see the full manifestation that I am anticipating, but I KNOW IT IS ONLY MOMENTS AWAY! I AM SO EXCITED FOR OVERWHELMING VICTORY!

I want to encourage you to do as the Lord instructs. Even when your heart is broken and confused and you just don’t understand, please press through. In the end, God will make all things clear and you will be sooooooo happy that you were obedient. Without the obedience, you will surely drown. If you have heard the voice of God but have ignored it, please stop, ask the Lord for forgiveness in that area, then begin to be vigilant in doing what He says. He can cut the missed time and catch you right up to where you are supposed to be. It’s over!

I pray that you find comfort and strength by sticking around a bit and taking a look at any posts that you may have missed this past week. If time allows, please feel free to catch up.

Be Blessed!

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