Don’t be so focused on receiving the Blessing that you miss the lesson in the process.

When the storms come, instead of trying to formulate our own plan and course of action to shield ourselves, we must stay focused and rely on the proven path that God has us own.


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It’s another day that the Lord has kept me. It’s another day that the Lord has kept you. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Word of Hope for Today:

Order is a must. Let God order your day. He knows what is best.

Tuesday was a different kind of morning for me. As I approached my place of employment, the rain began to pour down. Of course, we needed it, as the flowers have been all withered and the grass has become a lovely shade of brown. LOL Nature has been in need of a good soaking from its Master, but, oh the inconvenience of having to deal with the rainfall at that particular time.

Such an inopportune moment.

I pulled into the parking lot as I always do; however, I did not follow my normal routine; my prescribed pattern of action that I knew would get me safely from my vehicle to my delightful desk.

I got a bit sidetracked because of the slight disruption of my day.

I had several things to carry, but only two hands available to me, and one of those needed to carry the umbrella so that I would not get drenched. I needed to protect myself from the storm.

I proceeded to throw my cell phone into my purse, along with my keys, which I never, ever do. I told myself that I would exit the vehicle and walk around to the other side with the umbrella in hand, fully shielded from the storm. Then I would proceed to grab all of the other items that I needed to carry. Easy Peasy. Right?

But wouldn’t you know that my plan would have a little hitch in it.

I exited the vehicle and my body did what my brain has been programmed to do out of habit and routine. My hand reached and locked the door from the inside. I exited the driver’s side all pumped up because I was not getting wet and my plan for the morning was in motion.

As I reached for the passenger door and pulled up on the handle, I went into an immediate state of shock. I simply could not believe that I found myself in this predicament. I never take my keys out of my hands. I never find myself in situations like this.

As I stared through the window looking down, I could see my backpack, purse with phone and keys in clear view, my jumbo beverage for the day, and oh yea, did I mention my bag of snacks, including my glazed donut that I was so looking forward to enjoying. LOL I was so worried about protecting myself and not getting wet and making sure that I had a hand available to carry all of my tasty treats that I neglected to follow the steps that would allow me to proceed in my day without this hiccup.

By not paying attention to what I was doing, by getting off of the path that works and has been tried and tested, I found myself standing in the rain for an hour waiting on a tow truck to rescue me, with no donut available to me. My morning reward for making it back for another day at the office had been delayed.

Had I just slowed down and not been in such a hurry, I could have avoided all of this. Had I taken the time to focus and go over the steps before moving forward, perhaps this little mishap could have been escaped.

All turned out well in the end, but this caused a hurdle within my day.

So, let’s take a look at this from a spiritual perspective. Storms in life do come. But they come to wash away the pieces within us that are withered and discolored from lack of the nourishment that we need to survive. Perhaps we’ve stopped praying or stopped reading God’s Word and it has caused some dead leaves within our lives that need to be pruned. The storms, despite the possible thunderous lightning, and a few leaves and branches falling to the ground, will allow those places within us to be watered with the love of the Lord, which will produce growth.

His Word is truth and must be applied to our lives on a daily basis for nourishment and growth.

When the storms come, instead of trying to formulate our own plan and course of action to shield ourselves, we must stay focused and rely on the proven path that God has us on. If it worked yesterday when the sun was shining, His plan for us will continue to work today, although a storm has approached. We must trust it and continue to do the things necessary to have the same desired result; a safe arrival from here to there with minimal setbacks and delays. We mustn’t sit down the keys to our salvation for a quick off the cuff plan of our own.

What seems to be a harmless change of action could result in us missing out on what God has for us in that moment, right smack dab in the midst of the storm. All storms do not come to destroy. Many come to give new life.

The good thing about having that time as I stood in the rain looking at my vehicle from a distance was that I had the opportunity to reflect on how I could have avoided this situation by simply slowing down. It caused me to wake right up and see that when the storms come in my life, I cannot rely on my own plan without praying my way through, consulting my Creator. He allowed the storm to bring about beauty afterwards, but I saw it as a disruption. I saw it as an opportunity to do things differently; to try something new and it caused a delay in receiving my blessing, in this case my scrumptious glazed donut that awaited me.

God’s blessings are so much better if I would simply consult Him before making a move and allowing Him to order my steps. Order is a must and I must let God order my day!

What might seem to be a minor reaction to a situation, or a decision based off of your viewpoint of how things should be handled slightly different than normal, could be the step that leaves you standing in the storm wishing that you would have consulted God first. Don’t let that be your day. Let God order your day. 

I pray that you find comfort and strength by sticking around a bit and taking a look at any posts that you may have missed this past week. If time allows, please feel free to catch up.

Be Blessed!

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