God may have to do a total reboot in our lives while we wait for the Savior to hit the restart button that will release us to continue in our true calling for Him.



Does this sound familiar to you? You are going about your day doing the duties that you have been assigned to do. You have just about completed the project but then the file that you have open on your computer cannot be saved. What happened? The computer has frozen up! No warning. No alert was sent. You are just stuck with no alternative but to initiate the reboot sequence.

This is tragic. So you think! This could not be the worst moment for this. So you think! God, this was not the plan for my day. So you think! God, all is lost, time has been wasted, and I’ll never catch back up to meet the deadline. So you think!

You have a couple options. If the first one doesn’t work, it appears that things will not be restored.

Initially, you hit CTRL + ALT + DEL, in hopes of starting the task manager so that you can abruptly kill a few bad programs that are destroying your memory levels and taking over your CPU usage. “Yes! When I do that one thing, all will be resolved and I can save what I have before me and move forward without having to change anything.” With the task manager open, you now scroll or sort in search of the culprit. Wait a minute! You see something! “Ok, I’ll try that.”

You right-mouse click and select “End Task”. You shut the program down and it is no longer visibly present, but there is no change. You still aren’t able to save your file and move forward without seeming defeated. “There must still be something else that has taken control in the background, in the unseen, which is causing the delay in response time. What should I do?”

You hit CTRL + ALT + DEL again, selecting the only option you have left; the power options. You have realized that a restart is necessary if you are ever going to successfully move forward again.

Wow! Let’s stop here and analyze this for a moment. Allow this illustration to enlighten you. There’s a lot here, right?

In our walk with the Lord, these seemingly out of nowhere disruptions happen all throughout our day. Things on the exterior may appear to be going well, until they aren’t. Perhaps some things have become corrupted and God needs to reset those out of place items in our life before we are able to move to the next step. If we keep going as we are, without the proper resources, we may come back sooner rather than later to see, not just that one place of misstep is lost, but everything is destroyed and our life is made inoperable for God’s kingdom.

God may have to do a total reboot in our lives while we wait for the Savior to hit the restart button that will release us to continue in our true calling for Him. Perhaps, He wants our undivided attention so that He can speak to us and show us better ways of finishing the process. Perhaps what we have created in our lives is not what He intended for us. Sometimes, God sees that we need a moment for things to cool down and recalibrate so that we may find or return to our purpose, our God-ordained purpose, and begin as if it’s a new day. After the execution of our spiritual reboot sequence, our Holy CTRL + ALT + DEL so to speak, we will be able to start from where we left off and move forward with the resources that He provides.

As far as this computer illustration is concerned, after the restart, you begin to reload the program right where you left off on your journey to the finish line. You open up the original offending program still feeling defeated because you believe that you have to start all over again.

“Oh my goodness! Wait a minute! What is happening right now! Oh, Praise God.” Before the computer restarted, the offending program initiated a backup recovery sequence of events. There was a failsafe in place in case of such emergencies. All was never intended to be lost. I mean, why would we continue to go back to this computer and put our trust in it to maintain our important stuff if one reboot meant that everything would be destroyed? Now that just does not make much sense.

“It’s asking me do I want to recover what I thought was lost. Hallelujah! Victory really is mine!”

“Tick tock! Tick tock! Are you still there?” you may be asking.

Oh, sorry! I just had to stop for a praise break. Let me sit back down and get myself together. I’m on the verge of knocking over the whole system. I need an usher. Woman down. Okay. Here we go. Let me continue.

But in all seriousness, because I’m not playing with the Lord, aren’t you feeling the excitement about how God allows us to recover from situations that we feel have come to make us inoperable. We become so weighted down with the cares of this life that we have no memory, no resources available to finish the things God has indicated are ours to complete.

But look at God! This is the way of the Lord.

Psalm 30:1‭-‬2 NIV says,
I will exalt you, Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths and did not let my enemies gloat over me. Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.

God comes to lift us up out of our broken places and to provide healing to every place within us that causes us to freeze up and makes us temporarily unable to complete our designated assignments for Him.

When we think that all has been lost, He allows us to shut down, but not a complete halt, just a restart. During the process of the reboot, all corruption is eliminated. Our strength is renewed. We have a clearer focus and we realize that next time we must save as we go along, retain the lessons that God teaches us on this journey, so that prayerfully this can be avoided and we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we have stored in our hearts and minds according to Christ Jesus will be accessible to us whenever we need it.

It’s better to allow God to resolve the issues than to lose all. 

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  1. Vivid truth. I had a similar experience some days ago. I had edited a word document on my system for an hour + and when I thought I had saved it and tried opening it, it was no where to be found.

    I literarily felt terrible and I was having a bad day before then. But yeah, He needed me to hit that edge to call my attention to something.

    The next day, I was back on my feet – revived than I was even the day before the incidence.

    Such Grace. 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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