Continue to know that God is with you. He is your comfort and your peace.



When the dust had settled, when the test and trial was finally coming to an end, she felt as though she had nothing left to give. She had poured it all on the table and had completely emptied out and given to others so that they may be set free. Being used by God, according to His purpose, she had made it through by His grace. He had carried her and given her strength she did not know she even had or could even possess and utilize in the midst of the storms.

Now that she no longer needed the extra boost, she was left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the release that was taking place in her life. She began a period of shutdown. It wasn’t on purpose, mind you, but more of an empty feeling that could not really be described to anyone.

God had did it! He had answered her very heart’s desire. Now what?

During the process, after realizing SHE WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH and that she needed to NOT LOOK BACK but FINISH THE PROCESS, that’s exactly what she did. She gave it her absolute all. She centered on the voice of God and walked in obedience each day. She poured her heart and soul into the tasks that God set before her and she made it. A new season is upon her, but she doesn’t quite know what steps to take to move forward into the new.

As she takes the time to hear His voice again, she sits praying and wondering, “God, what will You have for me to do?” The answer to that question is not yet clear, but longing to connect with those who were an IMPORTANT part of the last leg of “that” journey, she is writing this to encourage you.

If you find yourself in this place as “she” does, continue to know that God is with you. He is your comfort and your peace.

What is He saying when you can’t hear Him?

“Be still, my child. I’ve got you. I’m using this time of quiet respite to build you back up again. You’ve been through so much. I know it was beyond what you could handle, but I was right there all the time. This is not the end of my purpose for you. It’s only the beginning. Trust me. I’ve got this and I’ve got you. You are more than enough. Don’t look back. Finish the process. I will speak, again. You will hear my voice. You will know the direction that I am calling you to take. Do not force it. Do not step ahead of me. Do not feel as though you must “do” because that is what other’s expect. Let me heal YOU, now. You have given much of yourself to aid in the healing of others, now let me go to those places, those secret places where you have buried your disappointments and pains of the past and let me take the time to clear that out so that you have room for what I’m about to do. Great miracles are on the horizon and I need you to be ready to receive them all. My child, I’ve got you.”

Did you hear Him speaking to you? I heard Him speaking to me. I don’t have to know in this very moment what He has planned next. I don’t have to know what I’m supposed to do. I’m doing it. I’m being still and knowing that He is God. I’m trusting Him even when I can’t really feel anything. This state of “blah” also has a purpose.

EVERYTHING THAT GOD DOES HAS A PURPOSE even when it looks like you are simply standing still.

When He is ready for you and me to move, as long as we are listening for Him and are willing and obedient, we will be prepared and we will know what’s next.

“God, when You are ready for me to take my next step, I am here willing and waiting on You. When You speak, I will obey and I will share what thus says the Lord. Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness. Thank You Lord for healing all who read this post. Thank You Lord for using me, even in this moment when I feel as though I have nothing left. For in it, You provide healing and rest for our souls. It is not by feeling but by Your mighty power that we are able to do anything in Your kingdom. Word my mouth and place in my heart what is necessary for the next post so that I may be effective for You and bless the soul of another. Bless this day and all those who read this.”

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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