God, I’m Not Sure

Look for God in all situations. He’s there, even when you feel stuck and just aren’t sure. It’s a great day to trust God. He has all power in his hand. He knows what is best and He will bring you out of any storm and place your feet on solid ground. What a mighty God He is! Distractions may come, but you can trust God to fulfill His purpose. The things that we may call distractions, perhaps God has allowed those to stop us in our tracks so that we will take the time to seek after Him. Even when we are confused about what to do next and just aren’t sure, we can always feel our way toward God and find Him, though He is not ever far from any one of us […]

Trading Our Pain for God’s Gain

In your deepest, darkest place of pain, God can and will use it for His gain, then He’ll turn your pain into Overwhelming Victory. Through your lowest valley, God’s saving hand of mercy is still moving all around you. As He did with the life of Paul, let Him use your life for good. When our words are backed by the power of Jesus Christ, demons have to flee. Nothing that comes against us can stand up to this great name. But also, our lives must be aligned with the will and Word of God. We cannot be living any kind of way and expect the power of God to be working in and through our lives. Paul was doing what he was called to do. He was on a mission to strengthen others in the gospel of Jesus Christ […]


Stop with All the Questions

Let God run things because He knows what is best. I must, stop with all the questions that do not allow God to be God. Instead, I will expect great things and look for God in everything! When we don’t quite understand His ways, we have an opportunity to walk by faith and not by sight. Keep walking! God is doing some miraculous things. In the midst of that will be what appears to be minor and sometimes major setbacks, but don’t lose focus of the mighty hand of God. God can and will change any circumstance if we will hold out and see what the end will be. At our moment of wanting to throw in the towel, we must persevere beyond our feelings, even beyond our own thought processing […]


Wisdom, The Missing Piece

How do you typically respond when someone offers you words of wisdom and Godly advice for the situations that you deal with on a daily basis? Are you full of pride? Do you reject this advice? Are you not receptive to help? Does conflict or disagreement arise while you are, perhaps, fighting to be right? Proverbs 13:10 (NIV) says, “Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.” How often and sad it is when people, when I, try to do everything on my own without proper resources to handle the situation. The main reason: WISDOM. This often makes situations worse, and the time spent cleaning up the mess, just to get back to square one, is so exhausting and unnecessary […]

Greater Purpose – Never Forgotten

Even when we go through a season of barrenness, where we are not fruitful and nothing seems to be multiplying in our life, God will remember us. We pick up today looking a little closer at the greater purpose that God had in the lives of these individuals. So, the cycle of conceiving and birthing begins in the lives of Jacob’s wives, Leah and Rachel. I guess we could consider them to be rival sisters at this point, competing for the love of their husband. Rachel has the love, but nothing else to show for it. Leah is loveless, but providing Jacob with the “many” that will be part of his promised nation through the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob […]

When We Are Hurting

When our loving God looks upon us and see’s our heart, He enables us to “conceive” and birth’s through us what He has for us to do. There may be times in our lives where we are overlooked for a number of different reasons. We are left feeling like we are not good enough; not worthy of even the blessings that God desires to bring into our lives. We sometimes miss God-given, divine opportunities because we believe we are not enough. God does not want us to feel this way. We are chosen by Him and He loves us as He created us to be. We must align our lives with His image and use that as our guide to become more like Him […]

Don’t Miss the Lesson

Order is a must. Let God order your day. He knows what is best. Don’t be so focused on receiving the Blessing that you miss the lesson in the process. When the storms come, instead of trying to formulate our own plan and course of action to shield ourselves, we must stay focused and rely on the proven path that God has us own. Tuesday was a different kind of morning for me. As I approached my place of employment, the rain began to pour down. Of course, we needed it, as the flowers have been all withered and the grass has become a lovely shade of brown. LOL Nature has been in need of a good soaking from its Master […]

Free Audio Book for First Seven Visitors – A Thanks to my Readers

  In honor of National Book Lovers Day, it is my pleasure to share seven (the number of completion) promo codes to my book, “You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process”. MY FAITH EXPRESSIONS Sorry to bother you for a third time today. But I have been granted some promo […]

Time of Refinement

Sometimes God must show us ourselves through others so that He can take us through the refining process. Let’s take a look at the story of Jacob and Laban, Jacob’s soon to be father-in-law. First of all, something important to know about Jacob is that He was a trickster in his day. The reason Jacob was in search of shelter and a place to call home was because He left home having deceived both his brother, Esau, and his father, Isaac, to get what he wanted. Now, he ends up meeting a man with a similar character flaw, Laban, who gives Jacob a taste of his own medicine by putting Jacob through a round of cunning acts. The dictionary defines refining as removing impurities or unwanted elements or improving (something) by making small changes. Although Jacob escaped the threat of his brother and he thought that all was well, God needed to remove impurities from Jacob’s heart […]

Stick With It

No matter how turbulent the winds and the waves of your life may get, stick with it. The closer you get to God and the longer you pursue His will, the easier it becomes to stand firm and stand tall when opposition enters your life. Philippians 4:9 (NLT) says, “Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.” The contents of this scripture were words of encouragement from Paul to the Philippians. Paul wanted to encourage them not to walk away from their teaching. They were to keep putting in practice what they had learned and the result would be that the God of peace would always be with them. They would become stronger and be able to withstand the various attacks brought upon them due to their continued faith in God […]

Just Enough – Spread the News

God meets our individual and immediate needs. During the Israelite’s journey through the wilderness, they unfortunately did a lot of looking back and complaining. They were never truly satisfied with how God protected them and covered them. They always seemed to doubt that God’s provision was truly enough for their survival. It’s really a sad situation. How often do we do the same? We cry out to God, sometimes from a state of complaining, but yet, He chooses to come through for us. He chooses to provide us with what will meet our individual and immediate needs, but since it is not to our specifications and doesn’t meet the measurements we have set, then we are disappointed or even upset with God. Let’s take a look at the story of the manna and quail that God provided straight from Heaven […]

It’s Over

If it’s not here yet, YOUR victorious breakthrough is still coming. It’s over, or just about. Let God complete His mission in you! So, Good News first! It’s ALREADY over! You may not be able to see it, but victory is already yours. Let God complete His mission in your life, then all things will be made clear. This is for someone right now, and for others later. I come to encourage you to hold on. You will get there if you stay with the Lord. Please don’t get discouraged because you are not as far along in the process as you’d like to be. God is still working it altogether for good. He is taking every last piece of it, and as the potter, He is molding it all together into a masterpiece fit for display of His glory, specially and uniquely designed by Him. Yep! Your life! Claim it! Believe it! Receive it! […]


Audible Audiobook Announcement – “You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process”

If I may have a moment of your time to share my heart and exciting news with you that would be greatly appreciated. Look Again! I have been highly anticipating the Audiobook release of my second book, “You Are More Than Enough – Don’t Look Back Finish the Process”. This step of my journey completes my obedience to the call of God for this particular venture. I have never in my life been this “outgoing – put myself on the line” type of woman. But through my tests and trials, God is developing me into who He wants me to be. I am thankful and I am excited! The opportunity to share a message of hope to the world through my Kindle books, Paperback books, and NOW through voice with an audio version of the book is simply amazing to me! The excitement is just bubbling over! […]

He Tried It

Have you ever felt powerless; in need of direction? Even with the direction or what you believe is the right key, do you feel as though you really cannot seem to unlock the truth of God’s Word in your life? Do you feel locked out? Has your patience been tried again and again? Well, guess what? HE TRIED IT and allowed it and it is developing your patience. Watch out now! Who tried it? God tried it! What did He allow? The development of your patience. How did He do it? Through the testing of your faith. See! You really aren’t locked out. You’ve just been trying over and over again to use your rusty old key that will not fit any lock that you try until You let the Lord do what He wants to do in and through your life. When He supplies the oil of His anointing, the key will slide right on in and turn towards your OVERWHELMING VICTORY through Jesus Christ. James 1:3 (Amplified Bible – AMP) says, “Be assured that the testing of your faith [through experience] produces endurance [leading to spiritual maturity, and inner peace].” Hmmmmm! Struggle = Peace? […]