Nothing Left or Only the Beginning

When the dust had settled, when the test and trial was finally coming to an end, she felt as though she had nothing left to give. She had poured it all on the table and had completely emptied out and given to others so that they may be set free. Being used by God, according to His purpose, she had made it through by His grace. He had carried her and given her strength she did not know she even had or could even possess and utilize in the midst of the storms. Now that she no longer needed the extra boost […]


Circling the Runway

For our safety, God may be keeping us at bay until everything is prepared for our safe landing into our designated place of OVERWHELMING VICTORY. Hello and Welcome to My Faith Expressions. Today is a blessed day, no matter what may be happening all around us. God has allowed us to see a new day and we have another opportunity to trust in Him and His plan for us. This is awesome, don’t you agree! Word of Hope for Today: Remember that everything in God’s plan makes a difference in our life, even the places of immobility […]

Just In the Nick of Time

According to God’s perfect timing and expectations for the life that we walk with Him, He is really right on time if we would look through our spiritual lenses of faith and without reservation and fear, believe. “God, I’m ready. I need You to deliver and set me free. Only You can fix it, Jesus. I give You everything.” Have you ever uttered such words, sometimes even on a repeat cycle? You may be at your lowest point with nowhere to turn and you are finally ready for God to take full control. The stretch of land before You is full of darkness and You desperately seek to enter Your promised land. From one Christ follower to another, been there! Done that! […]

Regaining Myself

If I want to remain at the table of God’s blessings that He has prepared for me, then I need to make the necessary adjustments so that I don’t fall back into old emotional patterns. God has really been doing some amazing things in my life. Many long-term prayers are being answered and for this I am thankful to the only One who could have brought about the change that was necessary to move my life from being stuck, to the possibility of actually moving forward towards better, more; different from how things have existed. The possibilities are amazing! What once seemed impossible, is made possible with and because of God! […]

Ephphatha – Be Opened

When God speaks, everything closed that should not be can be opened in Jesus’ name. Even when the door has been shut for what seems like forever, God has great power to open up the way. Aren’t you excited about this? I am. What appears to be closed in our lives can be opened when we follow closely and are ready to receive our deliverance. Let’s take a quick look at the story of Jesus healing a deaf and dumb man, making him physically whole, and see how this can apply to our personal lives […]

Initiate the Reboot Sequence Before You Become Inoperable

God may have to do a total reboot in our lives while we wait for the Savior to hit the restart button that will release us to continue in our true calling for Him. Does this sound familiar to you? You are going about your day doing the duties that you have been assigned to do. You have just about completed the project but then the file that you have open on your computer cannot be saved. What happened? The computer has frozen up! No warning. No alert was sent. You are just stuck with no alternative but to initiate the reboot sequence. This is tragic. So you think! […]

It’s Never Too Late to Let God Move In

God wants to fit into every space within Your heart. Will you let Him? It’s Never Too Late for Your Dreams to Come True. God is Still Changing Lives for the Better. Finish the Process. Have you ever tried to make something fit when it really didn’t? You are just becoming exhausted while you are pushing and trying to maneuver things into place according to your perspective of the layout for your life. I know I have done this and probably looked a tad bit crazy doing it. Hey, it probably happened again this week. 🙂 I knew it wouldn’t work; but, in the moment, I refused to give up on “my” dream of making it so. […]

Let God Take You Higher

Enjoy the ride and when the doors open up, walk into your destiny. He is building you up and He strengthens you with each level higher that you go. When I arrived at work today and walked into the building, I arrived to see an elevator, with its doors open, waiting for me. “Now that’s rare!” I thought. Well, rare for where I work, as this never happens. I realized that someone might have been looking out for the next person who would arrive, sending down from above what was needed to carry them up to the next level. This rarity of forethought is not always visible to us. It’s almost unrecognizable in the world that we live in; this me, myself, and I world […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

I want to say “thank you” to DeborahMarie for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am fairly new to blogging, so I did not know that things like this occurred. Nevertheless, what a sense of joy when I saw “My Faith Expressions” listed as a nominee by a fellow Christian Blogger, DeborahMarie. It is surely nice to be considered as someone who is uplifting hearts through writing what God allows for me to share. I know that I don’t always get it right, but my heart is right, and I truly desire to hear from Him when I have the opportunity to share with you. Check out DeborahMarie’s blog and I guarantee you will be blessed! Her blog is titled “Great Is God’s Faithfulness”. That, He definitely is; FAITHFUL! […]

God, I’m Not Sure

Look for God in all situations. He’s there, even when you feel stuck and just aren’t sure. It’s a great day to trust God. He has all power in his hand. He knows what is best and He will bring you out of any storm and place your feet on solid ground. What a mighty God He is! Distractions may come, but you can trust God to fulfill His purpose. The things that we may call distractions, perhaps God has allowed those to stop us in our tracks so that we will take the time to seek after Him. Even when we are confused about what to do next and just aren’t sure, we can always feel our way toward God and find Him, though He is not ever far from any one of us […]

Trading Our Pain for God’s Gain

In your deepest, darkest place of pain, God can and will use it for His gain, then He’ll turn your pain into Overwhelming Victory. Through your lowest valley, God’s saving hand of mercy is still moving all around you. As He did with the life of Paul, let Him use your life for good. When our words are backed by the power of Jesus Christ, demons have to flee. Nothing that comes against us can stand up to this great name. But also, our lives must be aligned with the will and Word of God. We cannot be living any kind of way and expect the power of God to be working in and through our lives. Paul was doing what he was called to do. He was on a mission to strengthen others in the gospel of Jesus Christ […]

Stop with All the Questions

Let God run things because He knows what is best. I must, stop with all the questions that do not allow God to be God. Instead, I will expect great things and look for God in everything! When we don’t quite understand His ways, we have an opportunity to walk by faith and not by sight. Keep walking! God is doing some miraculous things. In the midst of that will be what appears to be minor and sometimes major setbacks, but don’t lose focus of the mighty hand of God. God can and will change any circumstance if we will hold out and see what the end will be. At our moment of wanting to throw in the towel, we must persevere beyond our feelings, even beyond our own thought processing […]

Wisdom, The Missing Piece

How do you typically respond when someone offers you words of wisdom and Godly advice for the situations that you deal with on a daily basis? Are you full of pride? Do you reject this advice? Are you not receptive to help? Does conflict or disagreement arise while you are, perhaps, fighting to be right? Proverbs 13:10 (NIV) says, “Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.” How often and sad it is when people, when I, try to do everything on my own without proper resources to handle the situation. The main reason: WISDOM. This often makes situations worse, and the time spent cleaning up the mess, just to get back to square one, is so exhausting and unnecessary […]

Greater Purpose – Never Forgotten

Even when we go through a season of barrenness, where we are not fruitful and nothing seems to be multiplying in our life, God will remember us. We pick up today looking a little closer at the greater purpose that God had in the lives of these individuals. So, the cycle of conceiving and birthing begins in the lives of Jacob’s wives, Leah and Rachel. I guess we could consider them to be rival sisters at this point, competing for the love of their husband. Rachel has the love, but nothing else to show for it. Leah is loveless, but providing Jacob with the “many” that will be part of his promised nation through the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob […]