The Journey

(Intentional Prayer) – Intermittent Audio Prayer Break
Pray the Scriptures: Lord, Thank You for being El Shaddai, God Almighty, who keeps me from falling. In You, I am made righteous, and with great joy You bring me into Your glorious presence without a single fault. You are God alone, and before time began, You were on the throne, You are God alone. All glory belongs to You, my Savior through Jesus Christ my Lord. All glory, majesty, power, and authority are Yours before all time, and in the present, and beyond all time!  You are my sure foundation, my comforter and my hope, who never fails to receive me into Your loving arms, while I proceed in this journey toward and with You […]

Say “I’m Blessed”

(Intentional Prayer)
Pray the Scriptures: Lord, in Your omniscience, You have made things so simple for me. You knew exactly what I would need. God, Your Word says that I am blessed because I believed that You would and will do just what You said. How clear is that? Nothing is complicated when it comes to my relationship with You. I am blessed. I believe it and receive it because You said it. Lord, I say it loud for all to hear, “I AM BLESSED!” […]

Let God Take The Crumbs and Fill You Up

Discouragement, on occasion, comes, even in the journey of a born again follower of Jesus, our resurrected Savior. God created us and He knows that more often than not, Satan will attempt to take over our thoughts and leave us in a place of perceiving as though we are forever surrounded with nothingness; just the meager crumbs handed to us on the plate of life […]