You Can Comfortably Rest in Him

(Intentional Prayer) – Intermittent Audio Prayer Break
Pray the Scriptures: Lord, when I come to You, tired in my body, exhausted in my thought processing, frazzled in my soul, I know that I come to the God of my salvation who offers complete rest for me. El Shaddai, God Almighty, I know that I am able to transfer all that I carry upon Your shoulders, releasing the heaviness that this life attempts to outfit me in each day. From Your well filled with unconditional love and grace and mercy, I am able to draw all the resources that I need. As one of the many benefits offered to me, You so graciously maintain an open door policy, through Jesus Christ, which always and without reservation needed, allows me to lay my weight upon Your throne […]

First Things First

(Intentional Prayer)
Pray the Scriptures: Lord, I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear as long as I put things in the right order, by putting first things first. Jesus directly tells me what I am supposed to do. I am not to worry about everyday life—whether I have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and my body more than clothing? Everything is in Your great care and under Your mighty authority; therefore, these are things that I am able to entrust to You. These worries and cares of life I place them in Your hands […]

You’ve Been Accepted: Partnership Agreement with Jesus Christ

1 Corinthians 1:9 (NLT) says, “God will do this, for he is faithful to do what he says, and he has invited you into partnership with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” Being in partnership with Jesus Christ fits all of the pieces of our lives together like that of a puzzle. It does not matter how many scattered parts of your life there are, God has a place for each piece. He connects them together to form a beautiful picture of your life in Christ Jesus. Once we are in agreement with Him, our lives flow more smoothly and in the right direction […]

Falling Apart

Things are just falling apart! Words we have all uttered, perhaps, or heard spoken by someone close to us. There are many times when parts of our lives should be condemned or demolished because they do not fall within the will and plan of God, but we continue to fight to hold on to what never should have been allowed in our lives in the first place. There are instances where it is possible that we need to stop trying to keep it all together and let the broken pieces fall. After that, we will be in a position to allow God to work through us to rebuild the shattered fragments […]

Let God Take The Crumbs and Fill You Up

Discouragement, on occasion, comes, even in the journey of a born again follower of Jesus, our resurrected Savior. God created us and He knows that more often than not, Satan will attempt to take over our thoughts and leave us in a place of perceiving as though we are forever surrounded with nothingness; just the meager crumbs handed to us on the plate of life […]